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Dzinaishe Mpini
Software Developer


Hello world! I'm Dzinaishe Mpini, a professional freelance software developer based in Bulawayo and Gweru on weekends. I have over 5 years experience in developing web, desktop and mobile applications for a wide range of clients and businesses. I focus on delivering quality software within budget and on time. I prefer working remotely. I love open source and contributing to open source projects.

My skillset includes web development, desktop applications development, android apps development, content management systems (specifically blogs and e-commerce), digital marketing, requirements analysis, documentation writing, database management systems, Arduino devices programming and assemblying and computer networks engineering.

You can find my contributions in the contributios section. In my freetime I am a blogger focusing on bringing Zimbabwean relevant content on the web. I channel much of my blogging enery to Tsika Dzedu, School Search, 263 life hack and MT Insider. I have also developed interest in Wikipedia contributions. My realest passion is in researching technology solutions for the transport industry.


  • Sirika: Arduino powered automated bus fare collection system
  • l-plate: Read what it takes to drive in Zimbabwe, and test your knowledge through mock exams and quizzes
  • Olivine: Advertisements management system targeted at Zimbabwe content creators and businesses
  • Matebele: English to Ndebele translation and vise versa